Jaki G.

Jaki G, a member of The Undisputed Truth since 2008, is music inside and out!  Her interest in music began as she discovered the 5,6,7,8 in movement and choreography at a very tender age.  She blossomed into a very accomplished premier ballerina with Katherine Dunham’s protégé, “Clifford Fears.” Then, without missing a beat, began dancing with the world renown Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre.  Jaki G transitioned from movement to music!  After honing her vocal skills with Broadway star of the time honored Phoenix Singers “Ned Wright,” Jaki G began crafting several vocal groups of which included her singing lead as well as rich harmonies arranged by the likes of the legendary Teddy Harris, Rudolph Hawkins and Harry Boins of “Was Not Was.”  Jaki G has shared the stage in performance with the likes of “B.B King,” “Patti LaBelle,” “Stevie Wonder,” “Kid Rock,” “Isaac Hayes,” “Clarence Carter,” “Ray Parker Jr.,” “The Four Tops,” “Michael Henderson,” and the incomparable “Undisputed Truth.”  Along with her other gifts to date, Jaki G has become a fledging songwriter/producer with several timeless projects in progress!

Contact Jaki:  JakiGmusic@yahoo.com