BJ Evans

B.J.'s soulful female leads, added to The Undisputed Truth's greatest hit: Smiling Faces Sometimes.

Brenda Joyce Evans (B .J.) was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. In the sixth grade, she began singing and dancing at her elementary school with her big sister Sylvia and friend Stephanie. By the time B.J. and her friends entered high school; they would enter and win local talent shows. When B.J. moved to the west side of L.A., she and her sister joined a group call the Twilettes (Christy, Debra, Sylvia & B.J.).

After high school B.J. sought to purse a professional career dancing and singing. She became a part of the group called the Delicates (B.J., Michelle and Dale). The manager for the Delicates was Bobby Sanders. He was known for working with local male singing groups, like the Younghearts. Bobby would use the Delicates to open up for his male groups. The Delicates eventually became the South Central Los Angeles Delicates and recorded a few songs. Their biggest hits were: I've Been Hurt, I Got a Crush on You, I Want to Get Married and You Said You Loved Me. Bobby kept the Delicates busy, eventually even doing background work for Sam Cooke.

Mid to late 1969, the Delicates went on the road and ended up in Texas. During a performance Bobby Taylor of the Vancouvers heard the Delicates sing and invited them to open up for him at the 20 Grand, in Detroit, M.1. The Delicates received a positive response and decided to stay in Detroit to continue to perform. One of the members, Dale decided to leave the group and head back to California; which opened an opportunity for Billie Rae Calvin to join the Delicates.  She was also under the same manager.  Within a couple of weeks, Billie knew the choreography and songs. The Delicates eventually signed with Motown Records.

After signing with Motown Records; the Delicates received more opportunities to sing background in the studio for other artist. Producer Frank Wilson influence, allowed the Delicates to sing background on the following albums: Still Waters Run Deep (The Four Tops) (The Supremes); Stone Love; Up The Ladder to The Roof; New Ways but Love Stays (Diana Ross) Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Diana Ross) Someday We'll Be Together; Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours (Stevie Wonder) War (Edwin Starr) and countless others. A short time later; Michelle left the group and Norman Whitfield decided to change their sound.  Norman brought B.J. & Billie together with Joe Pep Harris to form the group, The Undisputed Truth.

B.J. sang on the first three albums: The Undisputed Truth 1970-1971; Face to Face With the Truth 1971-1972; Law of the Land 1972-1973. She left The Undisputed Truth and married Eddie Watkins. She joined her husband's band Legacy from 1974-1975. B.J. was a background singer for Eddie Kendricks 1976 - 1978.  In 1979, B.J. and Eddie formed a new group Kocky with Windsong Records. In 1986 the family moved to Las Vegas, N.V., to perform in the local hotel casino lounges, until 1990. During her time in Las Vegas, B.J. co-wrote several songs for the group, The Boys: Happy, Sunshine, Love Gram and Let's Dance.  She also provided background vocals.

Currently B.J. is still singing for church choirs and Gospel praise teams.

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